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Starrett Intros TENNAX-PRO
The L.S. Starrett Co., has introduced TENNAX-PRO Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades designed to cut challenging tubes, pipes, profiles and structural shapes in both single pieces and bundles. Featuring lower noise and vibration as well as improved cutting performance, TENNAX-PRO blades outlast and outperform competitive blades, making up to 25 percent more cuts per blade, Starrett claimed. 
The blades feature high-speed M-42 steel teeth with a new special tooth geometry/profile that optimizes the tip profile for tube, pipe and other structural cuts, dissipating stress during cutting for greater resistance to wear and tooth breakage. In addition, the TENNAX-PRO blades are designed with an exclusive tooth-setting process which minimizes pinching when cutting structural and bundled materials. 
TENNAX-PRO blades are ideal for cutting a wide range of materials including carbon steel, carbon steel alloys, stainless steel and nonferrous materials, in addition to pipes, tubes, structural and bundled materials. The blades are available in widths of 3/4, 1, 1 1/4, 1 1/2, 2 and 2 5/8 inches.
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Cosen Adds New Tilt-Frame Saw
Cosen Saws offers the V-1822 Manual Vertical Tilt-Frame Band Saw as an addition to its product line.  As the fabrication market continues to evolve, the demand for cost-effective cutting solutions at different capacities and price ranges remains high. 
Cosen takes pride in providing an entry-level cutting solution that is both simple and reliable, the company claimed. The V-1822 showcases Cosen’s renowned tilt-frame design, housed within a heavy-duty frame with an impressive 18-inch by 22-inch capacity.
Key features of the V-1822 include a user-friendly interface for manual operation; the ability to miter cut from 0 to 60 degrees in both directions; a 1.25-inch blade with an adjustable cant up to 5 degrees; and quick clamp and release movable and fixed vises.  With these outstanding features, the V-1822 offers exceptional functionality and versatility, Cosen said. 
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Pat Mooney’s Panther is Fully Automatic
The PMI Panther H-500S is a dual-column, horizontal band saw with fully automatic operation.  It comes standard with an NC Control and a user-friendly touchscreen. The touchscreen control allows for easy job setup and access to diagnostic information. 
The feed rate and material indexing are servo-controlled.  Both systems have a servo motor with an encoder, servo drive and ball screw. The feed rate is entered into the touchscreen control so the operator can set a precise cutting rate. By fully controlling the feed rate, the machine can run at higher cutting rates by utilizing carbide-tipped saw blades on carbon or hard-to-cut materials.  
The H-500S has a round sawing capacity of 20 inches.  It uses a 2-inch-wide band saw blade, weighs a little over 10,000 pounds and is built to cut large
sections of material.  
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DoALL Expands Blade Offerings
Discover DoALL Sawing Products carbide and bi-metal blade solutions.  
Experience increased productivity and profitability immediately.  DoALL has taken its blade offerings to new heights, achieving remarkable improvements in performance through the integration of cutting-edge tooth tip materials and construction design, the company claimed. DoALL blades cut anything from mild steel to exotic alloys and composites. 
DoALL blades  are 100 percent guaranteed against weld breakage and the company’s support is always available.  
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HE&M Focuses on Innovation
HE&M Saw is a 60-year-old U.S. band saw manufacturer, focuses on continuous innovations in band sawing technology and material handling solutions. The company specializes in developing and manufacturing band saws and material handling systems for metal cutting applications.  
HE&M Saw’s band sawing technology and group of products such as metalworking fluids and benchtop band saws encompass a range of features designed to enhance cutting efficiency,accuracy and productivity for a wide range of cutting applications.
The band saws and material handling solutions are tailored to the needs of our customers. These products streamline workflow and optimize productivity by automating and simplifying material handling processes with automatic feeders, conveyors, side loaders and measuring systems, which can significantly improve operational efficiency and reduce downtime.
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Schelling’s fm8 Delivers Precise Cuts
With its powerful, frequency-controlled 46 HP motor, the Schelling fm8 Plate Saw delivers precise, exceptionally high cutting performance for aluminum alloys and other nonferrous metals up to six inches thick. 
The fm8 is ideal for dealing with heavy raw materials and workpieces with a uniquely engineered air floatation turntable providing a safe, ergonomic solution for turning parts from rip to crosscut.  A closed-pressure beam with an integrated hold-down beam provides high dimensional accuracy. Cycle times are reduced due to automatic cutting parameter settings according to material type, thickness and actual cutting length.
Optional optimization software is available to maximize yield when calculating cutting patterns. Schelling’s patented CLEAN UP Cut function enables the fm8 to operate almost chip-free, even when making scrape cuts. 
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KASTOwin Built for Efficiency
KASTO offers more efficiency for your sawing department with its KASTOwin pro bandsaw, the company claims. 
According to KASTO, the machine is more economical, with an ideal cost to perform ratio; offers greater reliability, with a high precision benchmark; and provides intelligent controls and user-friendly operation. 
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IKS Delivers Flat, Parallel Blades
It’s difficult enough to install a 12-foot shear blade and you shouldn’t have to waste your time with blades that are not flat or parallel. In addition to providing three different grades of steel for replacement shear blades, International Knife & Saw now offers the tightest tolerances available on flatness and parallelism for all of its replacement blades.  
IKS takes all the necessary steps during the manufacturing process to make your job as easy as possible when it’s time to install your replacement blades.  Along with one of the longest heat-treat furnaces available in North America, IKS utilizes heavy duty fixturing during the heat-treating process, guaranteeing you are getting the flattest and most parallel blades available on the market, the company claimed. 
All blades are clamped and heavily torqued during the heat treat process, enabling them to hold the flatness to less than 0.003 inches and 0.028 inches parallelism on the entire length of a 148-inch blade.   
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