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AMSAW Adds to Line
Advanced Machine & Engineering’s carbide saw product line, AMSAW, has recently added a new line of heavy-duty, dual-column band saws to diversify its high-production sawing systems and become a one-source shop for cutting technology for anything from below one inch up to 85 inches. 
With this high-production automatic billet saw system, up to five tons of mixed round billets are loaded onto the table. The billets are separated and transferred one by one to the power-roller conveyor and conveyed towards the measuring gripper of the saw.  The individual billets are measured and automatically cut, based on 
the PLC inputs.
In order to reduce cutting time and increase throughput, the AMSAW-WAGNER SO 360 SF head feed is designed with a servo-driven ball screw. This makes the feed system stiffer and helps to achieve great performance and tool life with carbide tipped bands.
The cut pieces are separated by size and moved to a number of bins. If the remaining bar is not completely cut, it is 
retracted and unloaded on a cradle opposite the load table. The next bars are cycled the same way, until the table is empty. 
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KASTO Automating Sawing, Storage
Automation, networking and robotics are rapidly gaining ground in metalworking – and in storage and sawing technology. Storage systems and sawing machines are increasingly 
being integrated into a uniformly controlled material flow in which all processes between incoming and outgoing goods are fully automated – from the storage of the long goods raw material to the dispatch of the palletized finished parts. 
This enables users to make their production processes much more flexible and efficient, improve working conditions and significantly reduce operating costs.  At KASTO, these topics have long since ceased to be visions of the future. Optimized added value thanks to the linking of the storage systems with fully automatic sawing machines or high performance and perfection with the integration of intelligent robots: KASTO offers a large scale of automation solutions depending on the needs of customers.
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Wells Manufacturing Specializes in Band Saws
Michigan sister companies Wellsaw and W.F. Wells offer a full line of band saw products for the metal processing industry. 
Wellsaw offers a variety of standard scissor type, miter head, semi-automatic, vertical, extended capacity, portable/convertible and large-capacity trim saws. A full inventory of parts means most orders will ship the same day from the company’s Kalamazoo facility. 
W.F. Wells is a pioneer of the twin-column bandsaw configuration. Its cutting force system ensures the force is taken from the blade, not the cutting head. 
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HE&M’s Band Saw Cuts Variety of Materials
HE&M Saw’s VT120HA-60-CTS automatic and programmable vertical band saw is the ideal saw for cutting a wide variety of materials, including structural shapes that require straight and miter angle cuts. The saw uses a 1¼-inch by 16.6-inch by 0.42-inch blade, with a four degrees blade cant and powered by a five-HP motor. The saw has a cutting capacity of 18 inches horizontal by 24 inches vertical at 90 degrees, 18 inches by 16 inches at 45 degrees left miter, 18 inches by 14.75 inches at 45 degrees right miter, 18 inches by 10 inches at 60 degrees left miter, and 18 inches by 9 inches at 60 degrees right miter.  
The VT120HA-60-CTS has touch screen controls that make programming and running jobs in automatic easy.  Previous jobs can be saved and reloaded any time.  A standard material list is available on the touch screen with a database of the most common materials ranging from structural steels to high-tensile specialty alloys, with each displaying the recommended blade speed, cutting rates and blade pitch for the type and size of the material.  
A series of cuts, to be cut from the same bar stock, can be programmed with the touch screen by entering jobs that will be run in a sequence.  A control panel and help files are also available from the touch screen to help assist in operating the saw and troubleshooting.
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Peddinghaus Combines Drilling, Sawing
Peddinghaus has successfully fused drilling, sawing and coping operations into a single fabrication center. By combining a high-speed drill line with a double miter cut band saw, the Peddi XDM-630 executes drilling and sawing in harmony. With the ability to be utilized as a primary fabrication system in a small to medium shop or to supplement a large shop, profiles up to 24 inches wide are processed with no stop in production.
The drill begins processing by utilizing three spindles simultaneously or independently of one another. Boasting 25-HP high-­torque Siemens motors, spindle speed ranges up to 3000 RPM.  
Continual processing occurs once the drilling operations are complete. The saw positions itself by way of carriage system as close as needed to the drill. This action enables the saw to perform trim cuts and process small material seamlessly. The material is met with two superior hydraulic clamping supports. 
The saw performs rapid advance blade approach with automatic material sensing to optimize cutting times. The Peddi XDM-630 has a full, double-miter capacity of plus-minus 60 degrees from a zero-degree cut. Once the cut is complete, the saw enables end-of-cut sensing, and automatic retract is executed. 
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Starrett’s Intenss has Unique Tooth Edge
The L.S. Starrett Company offers High Performance Intenss PRO-VTH Bi-Metal band saw blades featuring a unique tooth edge. The triple-tempered and M-42 cobalt ground HSS teeth have a variable height and set for easier material penetration, enabling the blades to cut fast in a pulsating action. 
Intenss PRO-VTH Bi-Metal band saw blades offer excellent heat- and wear-resistance, and are ideal for the production cutting of exotic and nickel-based alloys, high hardness steels and non-ferrous metals up to 40 HRC.
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HYDMECH Offers Vertical Band Saw
The V-18APC-60 from HYDMECH is an automatic vertical band saw with the ability to miter from 60 degrees left to 60 degrees right. Operators can choose from a left- or right-side infeed. 
The 3-degree fixed canted head allows for more efficient cutting and improved blade life when cutting larger beams, structural steel and bundles of square tubing, HYDMECH claims. The saw, which features a 22-inch high by 18-inch wide capacity, 7.5 HP motor and 1 ¼-inch blade, is a reliable choice for all automated vertical metal cutting applications.
The V-18APC-60 machine also features automatic programmable mitering with a “go to angle” functionality.  The automatic PLC control is programmable for up to 66 jobs with five in queue. 
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