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Mobilizing the Metal Industry
Invera, Dallas, has released new iOS and Android mobile applications for metal service centers aiming to streamline their operations.
The INVEX-OPS shop floor mobile and tablet applications include location management, picture attachments, receiving, flat-rolled production and packaging functions, and much more, all with full bar code scanning integration.  
The INVEX-GO mobile application provides sales and management teams with powerful remote capabilities that can be used when visiting customers, including real-time order status, inventory lookup and more.
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ENITEO ERP Software Adds SteelXML  
Enmark Systems Inc. has been a key player in working with the AISC committee of industry experts to develop the SteelXML standard – the future of electronic transactions in the steel industry, the company claims.  Based on that work, Enmark’s ENITEO software now includes SteelXML capabilities in the receiving process, drastically reducing the effort needed to receive material from mills and vendors.  
Service centers using the ENITEO system will be able to import SteelXML data from their vendors, which will eliminate the manual portion of the receiving process.  The import includes all pertinent receiving data such as weights, pricing, sizes, heat information, chemical and physical properties, ensuring ultimate accuracy of inventory data.   
As the SteelXML standard is continuously improving and growing, Enmark is committed to enhancing ENITEO along with it. The ENITEO product roadmap includes additional SteelXML enhancements that will allow for electronic transactions between companies using SteelXML-compatible ERP systems, such as ENITEO.  This will include purchase orders, advanced shipping notices, and sales orders, further reducing clerical work and increasing accuracy for all of these transactions.
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Metalware Expands Mobile Offerings

Metalware from Paragon Consulting Inc., has worked with Staylinked to enhance the company’s mobile device offering. New Metalware applications have been redesigned and created to take advantage of Staylinked Smartkey touchscreen for hand-held scanners in the warehouse. Enhancements include the ability to verify material to and produce shipping documents, scan and move material, record production, receive material into the warehouse and auto update and invoice orders. Adding these changes to the Metalware suite allows a warehouse to become virtually paperless. These programs will be available in the summer of 2020 in the next release of Metalware.
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Bayern’s Capstone Works on Cloud and On-Site Servers

Capstone from Bayern Software is an ERP application designed for metal service centers, running equally well in public cloud and on-premise server environments.
Features of Capstone include: multiple branches; multiple, fictitious, consigned-inventory and outside-processor warehouses; extensive inventory processing functionality including coil slitting and cut-to-length operations; scrap loss capitalization with support for negative scrap; remnant tracking with full genealogy; support for random-length inventory; support for customer parts including simple and complex parts and storage of multiple part files including the file supplied by the customer.
The software also offers tracking of the countries that material was mined, melted, manufactured, and fabricated in; comprehensive heat traceability including full cradle-to-grave analysis and storage of original and redacted test reports; automatic delivery of invoices and test reports; integration with
BarTender for user-definable stock tags and shipping labels; variable tag/label layout by item category and customer; and integration with Google Maps, Google’s Address Geocoding API, Microsoft Outlook, and QuickBooks Online.
Capstone is integrated with Dragones CRM, a device-independent, customer relationship management system focused on improving sales while enhancing customer and in-house communication. Capstone is also integrated with an optional suite of warehouse-floor applications that allow warehouse employees to perform physical inventory counts, pull/stage inventory, view/edit tag information, and print stock tags and shipping labels using a wide range of mobile devices, including rugged devices manufactured by Zebra.
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Fastems Software Integrates Automated, Manual Processes

The new version of Fastems’ Manufacturing Management Software integrates both automated and non-automated processes into digital manufacturing management, bringing together three application areas in a single manufacturing software platform: pallet-based automation, automation of direct part handling with robots and work cell operations for standalone machines and other manual manufacturing operations.
“With the new version of MMS we are proud to introduce the new level of control for direct part handling automation.  Also, we are offering an easy way of scheduling the work queues and resource needs for non-automated production phases and thus extending the full transparency, control and visibility to all manufacturing operations,” says Fastems’ Topi Judén.
The new MMS version also delivers the predictive and adaptive scheduling for the automated production by industrial robots.
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Hypertherm Launches Subscription Pricing

Hypertherm, a manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and software, has introduced subscription pricing for its Design2Fab CAD/CAM sheet metal layout software for use with manual and automated cutting applications. Rather than purchasing the software outright, companies and individuals seeking the
ability to create complex custom fitting layouts in minutes, instead of hours, can now subscribe to Design2Fab on a monthly, annual, or three-year basis.
With Design2Fab, subscribers get access to one-on-one live support from knowledgeable professionals, in addition to online resources such as video tutorials. This all contributes to increased productivity and lower operating costs, Hypertherm claims.
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FastCam Intros Ubisteel Platform

FastCAM has launched the Ubisteel platform. Ubisteel is a new concept internet platform that connects buyers and sellers of steel by allowing customers to create detailed request for immediate quotation.
Quotes from steel service centers are fast and accurate, including optimized material and value-added processing costs.
Buyers of steel can use FastCAM MTO (Material Take Off) free for 90 days. Import CAD files, cut and paste data or use the data entry interface to define part requirements for plate and structural sections. Part weights and job tons are instantly calculated using the inbuilt catalogue of more than 60,000 metal products, including all AISC sections.
Request for quotes generated by FastCAM MTO are routed through Ubisteel to any number of the 50 existing steel service centers already running FastCAM QE (Quote Everything).
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