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IMetal Stretches Across Globe
iMetal ERP from Jonas Metals Software is now supplying the enterprise-wide needs of metal manufacturers, processors and distributors across the globe.

The company’s customers handle every form of material including coil, sheet and plate, bars, sections, pipe and tube, fittings, billets and ingots. They also undertake every kind of process these products are subject to from decoiling, slitting, tubing, shearing through to plate and bar sawing, profiling, rolling and all forms of machining including finishing processes such as shot blasting, painting, polishing, poly-coating and testing.

iMetal offers customer’s multi-language, multi-currency, multi-branch functionality. iMetal meets the needs of specialized sectors of the metals market including carbon, stainless, aluminum, aerospace/alloys, copper and brass, optimized and installed at every type of metals manufacturing, processing and distribution business.  The products are highly scalable and can be efficiently and cost effectively implemented and supported in businesses ranging from five to more than 700 users.

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MetalWeb Gives Customers 24/7 Service

MetalWeb, a web application built by Paragon Consulting Services, is a web interface designed specifically for the metals industry. 
MetalWeb gives your customers the power of 24/7 self-service with its e-Commerce software, allowing your company to increase sales, improve customer service and reduce costs, the company claims. For companies with a Vendor Managed Inventory program, time and money can be saved by letting vendors make adjustments all day long.  
MetalWeb is an internet portal that integrates with the Metalware or MetalNet software and connects your customers, your service center, and your vendors – all from your own website. With MetalWeb, your customers can quickly access order and inventory information, check on account balances, make an online payment or retrieve copies of forms and certifications.
As you conduct business, information is updated immediately and is available for authorized customer access.  There is no requirement to “upload” or “batch” the data.  Authorized customers have access to information as quickly as your own support staff.
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SecturaFAB Enhances ERP
SecturaFAB software is a secure, cloud-based solution strictly for the metal fabrication industry. Its customers on average have recorded four to five times more quotes and increased their bottom-line by 30 percent.
The SecturaFAB platform is not an ERP system, but can enhance ERP and other business systems through integration with its tool. Taking Excel and other spreadsheets out of the equation and utilizing true run times from each customer’s equipment allows the system to do the hard work.
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Capstone at Home in Cloud and On Premises
Bayern Software’s Capstone is full-featured ERP software designed for metal service centers, distributors, and fabricators. While it was built with the cloud in mind, Capstone is right at home on a server on the premises.
Capstone is a Rich Internet  Application. Communications between its Adobe AIR front end and Microsoft SQL Server back end are handled by Microsoft C#.NET web services. Work orders, recurring fabrication orders and “one-off” fabrication orders are all supported.
Capstone supports both tagged and homogeneous inventory. An optional suite of applications that run on handheld devices allow order-fulfillment and inventory-control tasks to be performed on the warehouse floor.
Test reports are stored in an embedded Image Attachments system and can be automatically delivered to specified customers by email or traditional mail. Customer accounts can also be configured to require test reports to be delivered with shipment.
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Enmark Now Offers Online Payment
Enmark System Inc. has recently teamed with Stripe to create a solution for online payment processing called EnmarkPay.
Companies utilizing the ENITEO software system will be able to accept online payments from their customers.  All invoice PDFs sent from Eniteo will have a link embedded into the body that will provide a quick and efficient way for their customers to submit payments. 
Invoices can be paid via credit card or ACH (available in the U.S. only).  An enhanced version of EnmarkPay will also provide a customer portal allowing customers to view MTRs, Accounts Receivable Aging, and real-time Order Status. 
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OpenTrac is Easily Integrated
Recent supply chain disruptions and increasing costs have service centers re-evaluating their business processes and seeking advanced solutions to improve visibility of their supply chain.  Building strong relationships and collaborating with software providers results in innovative solutions and encourages continuous improvement.
OpenTrac Enterprise, an affordable, easily integrated ERP application, developed for metal service centers, warehouses and processors, utilizes cloud technology, B2B communication and robust inventory tracking tools with real-time updates. Its experienced development team provides proven, customized solutions to automate order management, inventory control, quality systems, accounting and shipment planning, the company claims. For more information, visit

Invera Intros Mobile Sales App
Invera has released INVEX-GO, a real-time mobile sales app for the metal industry.  Management and sales teams can now get their metal business KPI’s and metrics while on the go, all in real-time.  INVEX-GO provides an overview of current sales activity for your metal service center, inventory levels, and customer sales related information.
INVEX-GO allows sales managers and salespeople to make well-informed, data-driven decisions and keep track of business activity right from their mobile devices by turning vast amounts of valuable sales data from the STRATIX enterprise databases into actionable intelligence.
INVEX-GO is a suite of mobile dashboards that include information such as branch sales activity, sales related customer information, and current inventory position. The dashboards provide both historical analysis and open transactions.
“These mobile applications help provide valuable information for sales management to view their sales activity when away from their desks, as well as applications for their salespeople to view customer information prior to important customer visits,” said Ray Vasson, president of Invera. 
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RealSTEEL Modernizes All Aspects of Operation
RealSTEEL, the cloud-based ERP, is ushering in a new age of visibility and control for the metals industry, the company claims. The modern, affordable system designed for the unique requirements of metals and multi-step processing streamlines quoting, inventory and scheduling. 
While RealSTEEL is fully integrated across sales, purchasing, production, inventory management and fulfillment, the cloud provides the flexibility to phase in the functionality over time. Organizations can modernize their most important functions first and move entirely to the cloud as they are ready.
Building on Microsoft’s unified Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, RealSTEEL modernizes every aspect of operations and empowers every person in the organization with information. Salespeople can quote accurately when RealSTEEL optimizes inventory and scheduling in the background. Shop floor managers can schedule people and machines to reduce overtime and downtime.  RealSTEEL is designed to connect and streamline financial, operational and sales related business processes, providing metals operations with the cloud platform that will take them into the future.
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Hypertherm Releases New Robotmaster Version
Hypertherm, a U.S. based manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and software, has released Robotmaster Version 7.4. This newly released offline robot programming software version contains several enhancements designed to further simplify robotic programming.
The new developments include enhancements to the Remote Tool Control Center Point to allow for an improved end user experience and exploit the full capabilities of any robotic cell; additions to the surface paths with added strategies and advanced tools for applications such as polishing, grinding, deburring and more; faster processing times when saving, loading, and calculating jobs, plus improved real time feedback during simulation for faster part programming times; and enhancement to the Robotmaster Interactive Simulation Environment, delivering a more realistic simulation for external axes, along with tools to better control motion between the robot and external axes.
Building upon the redesigned V7 architecture, first introduced in 2018, Robotmaster uses integrated CAD/CAM functionality to make robotic programming easy and intuitive for everyone, even first-time users. For more information, visit