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EnVision Supports Eniteo ERP
EnVision, by Enmark Systems, is a cloud-based analytics and decision support tool purpose built for users of Eniteo, a leading metal service center ERP system. Use EnVision to create business snapshots and comparisons, identify exceptions and areas of concern, view trends and much more. This is a full-featured analytics tool with powerful, easy-to-use filtering, sorting, segmenting and drill-down capabilities, Enmark claimed.
Users can create reports from scratch with the intuitive drag-and-drop report building tool, which includes multiple graph and chart styles, table and summary reports, waterfall reports and single data-point indicators. Build dashboards for quick reference and share with colleagues. Users can also take advantage of a library of pre-built reports and dashboards. Reports draw from Eniteo data focused on key business areas, including sales, purchasing and inventory management. 
EnVision also provides rule-based task management and alerts. For example, rules can be used to send notifications when a customer order exceeds a certain amount, a sales order falls below a profit threshold or to identify inventory that has not been selling. In addition to notifications, tasks can be created in the system so that each user has their own to-do list to respond to. Rather than sifting through data to find what’s important, EnVision can automatically notify you when something needs your attention.
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iMetal is Centralized Platform
iMetal, the intelligent ERP solution for metal service centers by Jonas Software, is a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize the way metal businesses operate. Offering a modern and robust system, iMetal provides a centralized platform to effectively manage and streamline core business processes within the metal distribution industry. 
With features such as application interfaces to industry-leading third party apps including inventory optimization, shipping and logistics solutions, business intelligence and more. Experience complete integration with inventory and quoting, shop floor production monitoring in real-time and outstanding traceability for metals and alloys. 
JMS has unmatched resources for security and development, so iMetal empowers you to run your business with precise control and efficiency. The iMetal comprehensive ERP solution ensures that metal service centers can enhance their operations, improve productivity and deliver the best service at the most reasonable rates.
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MetalWeb Upgrades Portal
Paragon Consulting will introduce a newly upgraded MetalWeb solution.  MetalWeb is an internet portal that integrates Metalware software and connects your customers, service center and vendors – all from your website.  With MetalWeb, your customers can quickly access order and inventory information, check account balances, make an online payment  or retrieve copies of forms and certifications.  The application is in the process of being modernized, allowing for a custom color pallet, custom logo and upgraded inventory view.
MetalWeb was originally designed for internal customer access, limiting the application to customers who are established in the Metalware software.  With the new version of MetalWeb, the application will allow for the public to access certain selected information (information deemed viewable via system parameters).  End users who are not established as a system customer will be able to view inventory availability, get material pricing and be able to place orders via an accepted credit card.
The new MetalWeb version will not require a customer account; however, creating a customer account is quick and simple.  As you conduct business, information is updated immediately and is available for authorized customer access.  Authorized customers have access to information as quickly as your own support staff.  Information that would otherwise require a phone call can easily be accessed with a few keystrokes.   
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CloudForge is Comprehensive Platform 
CloudForge is the first comprehensive ERP, CRM and eCommerce platform designed specifically for the unique needs of metal service centers, distributors and toll processors. 
CloudForge empowers clients to accelerate quote times, enhance win rates and make informed decisions through sophisticted dashboards and analytics. This results in higher revenues, substantial time and cost savings and enhanced overall efficiency.
Its modern and intuitive interface is not only user-friendly but also tailored to help service centers attract and retain young talent, propelling the industry into a new digital age. Built on a flexible and cutting-edge technological framework, CloudForge can be configured to fit the distinct workflows of each client.
Furthermore, CloudForge integrates advanced AI tools for rapid data import and migration, ensuring a smooth and swift implementation process.
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INVEX Enhances API Product
INVEX is a metal ERP software built exclusively for service centers, distributors, processors and tube mills.  An enhanced optional INVEX API product is now available. INVEX/CSX provides a flexible and powerful tool to extend the use and functionality of INVEX. This allows a metal service center to tailor INVEX functionality to align with specific company needs.
It provides a host of flexible options, including: Creating custom, user-defined fields. * Adding user-defined fields to INVEX screens, forms and grids;  * Connecting external and customer applications or third party systems.  * Adding custom validations and verifications when exiting a PO, SO, Receipt or when saving any screen. * Customizing business documents, tags or labels.
INVEX-CSX is also designed to insulate company custom applications from changes related to INVEX upgrades.  This enables companies to upgrade to new versions of INVEX with no or minimal impact to their applications.
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Bull Moose Adds P.S. Data Portal
Bull Moose Tube is set to completely transform its customer service and logistics operations with the launch of its new web portal powered by P.S. Data.
“Convenience to the customer is becoming the most impactful key to competing in this market; leveraging P.S. Data’s technical knowledge, we are delivering an industry leading e-Commerce platform to the benefit of our customer’s supply chain needs,” said John Krupinski, CEO Bull Moose Tube. The portal introduces a load-building feature: the ability to auto-fill loads based on material ready to ship. These tools empower customers to customize and track their deliveries using powerful load building tools that can allow the prioritization of loads. 
With an advanced product search functionality, customers can easily find the products they need. They can also see future rolling schedules to optimize supply chain lead times.
The portal provides customers with instant access to crucial documents like Material Test Reports, Invoices, Payments, Order Details and Bill of Ladings.  This transparency fosters trust and reliability to the BMT customer base.
It also features an automated truck driver kiosk to streamline the check-in and check-out process. 
The portal is part of a broader strategy to streamline Bull Moose Tube’s customer interactions and logistics operations. With ongoing continuous improvement, Bull Moose Tube will continue to be on the cutting edge of modern customer service technologies, the companies claimed. 
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Hypertherm Updates ProNest
Hypertherm Associates, a manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and software, has launched a major version update to ProNest 2025 version 16.0 nesting software. The newest version is a collection of new features and ongoing updates designed to help customers improve their operational efficiency while reducing non-value-added tasks.
New features include Enhanced integration with Tekla PowerFab Connector – an optional module provides seamless data exchange between ProNest and Tekla PowerFab. 
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