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AGT800 Laser Measures Coil, Sheet or Strip
The AGT800 Laser Thickness gauge is designed to measure material processed in coil, sheet or strip form. 
Utilizing high-precision lasers, the AGT800 can measure up to .750 inches in thickness with calibration accuracy of less than 10 µm. No radiation source means no requirements for leak testing or costly replacement of X-ray sources. 
AGT’s Passline Angle Compensation determines material angles at the passline and provides a correction factor to ensure accurate and consistent thickness measuring.  ISOtemp monitors temperature changes and their impact on the air gap. It then calculates a correction factor to compensate for temperature variations. This allows for a reduction in the frequency of gauge calibrations.
The AGT800 provides detailed coil and S.P.C. reports and virtually unlimited data storage along with full network compatibility.  This enables easy recall of past reports along with documented compliance to ISO9001 and other quality procedures.
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Starrett Offers 2 New Hardness Testers
The L.S. Starrett Co.,  Athol, Mass., has introduced two new digital Rockwell Benchtop Hardness Testers, No. 3824 and 3823, with fully automated load/unload procedures, and capable of providing highly accurate readings. 
The new Starrett Hardness Tester models utilize a closed-loop control unit with a load cell, a DC motor and an electronic measurement and control unit instead of traditional dead weights, enabling high accuracy measurements at all test loads up to 0.5 percent. The testers are part of a significantly expanded line of new hardness testing solutions that Starrett is now offering.
The Starrett testers feature programmable scale conversions, dwell times, statistical capabilities and a test counter and are capable of testing in a wide range of 30 different Rockwell hardness scales for carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals.
Suitable for both internal and external testing via a dolphin nose design, the Starrett No. 3823 and 3824 Digital Testers are high-precision testing solutions that meet ISO 6508-2 and ASTM E18 standards. 
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RSI Offers Coating Weight Gauge System
The GaugeMaster system from RSI is a high-performance coating weight gauge featuring low noise and fast response for the most demanding applications. High power X-ray sources are employed to provide better noise-to-signal ratios for improved control, product quality and productivity. 
Differential ion chambers with selected filters ensure high sensitivity, and immunity from Compton backscatter effects. 
Multiple Measurement modes include: 
• Single Point - Measuring heads positioned at any point across the strip 
• Continuous Scanning - Measuring heads scan continuously from edge to edge 
• Triple Spot - Measurements are taken at a selectable distance from the near edge, center and a selectable distance from the far strip edge.
A closed loop chiller for cooling the x-ray sources and many other optional features are available. These include split frame scanners, collimated x-ray beams for ridge detection and measuring close to the strip edges, coil reports and archiving. 
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Flat Trak CL Analyzes Strip Condition
The Flat Trak CL Strip Evaluation System is Bradbury’s technological evolution that utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze strip condition and provide suggested adjustments to the leveler to process flat material.
How does it work? Bradbury’s Flat Trak CL continuously scans the strip surface for shape defects. The included video monitor depicts actual shape conditions in real time and allows the operator to make an informed decision for adjustment to improve flatness. The operator can adjust the leveler and see in real time how the changes affect material shape.
When installed with the Bradbury eDrive Leveler, the Flat Trak CL System can automatically adjust the leveler to maintain a flat strip, allowing the operator to focus on other production line tasks.
The Flat Trak CL may be placed in a line that doesn’t include a Bradbury leveler. It will monitor the strip and provide a recommended roll shape to manually correct the strip shape defect. 
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Hexagon RS6 Designed for Speed
Exact Metrology, a comprehensive metrology service provider, has released the Hexagon RS6 laser scanner, designed for high-speed and accurate scanning.  It scans up to 1.2 million points/sec with a scan rate of 300 Hz. The RS6 also has a wider laser stripe of 150 millimeters at mid-range and a visual guide that provides real time feedback for stand-off distance.  
Built using Systematic High-Intelligence Noise Elimination technology, the RS6 laser scanner delivers full scanning performance, even on the most challenging surfaces. Furthermore, SHINE allows users to scan 99 percent of parts without touching the scanner exposure. 
With repeatable mounting (using the Absolute Arm 7 Axis), the scanner can be removed if necessary and replaced without need for calibration.  The Hexagon RS6 laser scanner is certified ISO 10360 8 on all 7 axis RA8 Absolute Arms. 
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