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Starrett Expands Tester Line
The L.S. Starrett Co. has significantly expanded its line of Benchtop Hardness Testers, adding seven Rockwell systems, eight Vickers systems and one Brinell system, a total of 16 new testers.

The new Starrett Rockwell Hardness Systems include two regular Rockwell digital testers, two Superficial Rockwell testers, (one dial and one digital), two Twin Rockwell- Superficial testers (one dial and one digital), and two Twin Rockwell-Superficial testers with a dolphin nose design that are fully automated digital systems with output to PC and capable of measuring 30 different Rockwell scales.

New Starrett Vickers Hardness Testers include six Micro Vickers testers for handling a testing range of 1HV-2967HC and 8 test forces, two with Digicam basic manual software for manually selecting edges of indentation, two with Digicam Auto Software for automatically detecting edges of indentation, and two testers with auto turret control (one with basic software, one with auto software). In addition, there are two Macro Vickers testers for handling up to 17 test forces, one featuring Digicam basic manual software and one featuring Digicam automatic software.
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AMETEK Expands Services
Leading automated surface inspection solutions provider,  AMETEK Surface Vision, now offers a range of expert system services to ensure optimum levels of operation for the lifetime of its inspection and monitoring products.
Customers will benefit from AMECare Performance Services throughout their system lifecycles.  AMECare – which features a range of global services available 24/7 – offers assistance for a variety of needs, from initial set up to trainings and spare parts.
Starting from purchase, AMECare provides tailored support for the installation, alignment, calibration, and configuration of new systems. On-site engineers will ensure the system is designed for individual requirements, using unique recipes and configured communications to ensure seamless integration with existing plant systems.  For more information, visit

Exact Partners with Planar
Exact Metrology, a comprehensive 3D metrology service provider and hardware sales company, represents Planar from InspecVision. This 2D inspection machine allows manufacturers to verify product quality simply and quickly by performing 2D inspection, CAD comparisons and reverse engineering in seconds.
Planar is ideal for shop floor use, requires minimal operator input and increases production throughput across a wide range of applications, the company claims. These include flat and folded/formed sheet metal components, gaskets and seals, laminations, O-rings, paper acetate and electronic drawings and other opaque and semi-transparent flat materials.
A standard feature on every Planar system is 2D reverse engineering. Existing parts can be reverse engineered quickly, creating dxf or dwg CAD files. The software allows the user to edit and clean the data such as standardization of hole sizes and clean edges and eliminates the need for hand measurement and CAD programming. For more information, visit
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LK Metrology Intros Third Series
British coordinate measuring machine manufacturer LK Metrology has introduced a third series of large-capacity models to sit alongside its established bridge-type machines and very-large-scale gantry-type machines, offering extremely high accuracy due to their ceramic moving guideways. Using the latest innovations in aluminum and steel CMM guideway technology, the new AEROS, AEROS S and AEROS P gantry-type CMMs, 40 models in total, lower the cost of such equipment.
Unlike traditional bridge CMMs, the AEROS main structure of support pillars and longitudinal guideways remains static, with only the gantry beam assembly moving during measurement. The open design is extremely adaptable, providing full access to the work area during loading and unloading of parts. It is particularly well suited to SMART factories with autonomous guided carts and manually operated wheeled or rail-type material handling systems.
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