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Starrett Offers Pair of Hardness Testers
The L.S. Starrett Co., a leading global manufacturer of precision measuring tools and gages, metrology systems and more, offers digital Rockwell/ Superficial Rockwell Benchtop Hardness Testers (Nos. 3823 and 3824). The testers have fully automated load/ unload procedures and are capable of providing highly accurate readings. 
The Starrett Hardness Tester models utilize a closed-loop control unit with a load cell, a DC motor and an electronic measurement and control unit instead of traditional dead weights, enabling high accuracy measurements on all Rockwell hardness scales. The testers are part of a line of hardness testing solutions that Starrett is offers.
Suitable for both internal and external testing via a dolphin nose design, the Starrett No. 3823 and 3824 Digital Testers are high precision testing solutions that meet ISO 6508-2 and ASTM E18 standards. They feature a built-in micro-printer, touch screen control on a high definition LCD display, USB output and are furnished with PC-based software. 
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Verisurf  Supports Renishaw Probe
Verisurf Software Inc. is offering support for the Renishaw Ultrasonic Probe, providing an ultrasonic thickness probing solution to automate the measurement and reporting of thickness requirements.
Support for the RUP1 will be featured in the upcoming Verisurf 2024 release. Leveraging the powerful Dynamic Surface Points tool, inspection plans within Verisurf now incorporate ultrasonic thickness measurements. These measurements are stored and presented through a graphical balloon, providing recipients of the report with an easy-to-read thickness map associated with the inspected component. 
With the RUP1, thickness evaluation is possible for typical metal parts ranging from 11 millimeter to 20 millimeters in thickness, with an accuracy of 0.01 millimeters on parallel surfaces and 0.1 millimeters on wedged surfaces with an angle of up to 10 degrees.
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AGT Width Has 40-Inch Range
Continuous non-contact width and centerline measurement for sheets and strips is available with AGT Width. The standard configuration has a width measurement range of 40 inches from narrowest to widest without sensor relocation. There is no line width limit and will measure almost any material. Available accuracies range from plus-minus 0.031 inches to plus-minus 0.005 inches.  
The AGT Width software displays real-time width and centerline measurements, deviation, limits, and width and centerline verses length graphs with limits. Data logging with local or network storage is included. Complete coil reports can be printed or saved as .pdfs. The optional remote screen can display width, centerline or both. Automatic coil information updates and start/stop measure functions are also included. Level 2 HMI communication is available. 
The AGT Width is an easy to use, low maintenance and accurate addition to any line. There are no moving parts and no backlight required. It is also a great replacement for obsolete Harris Instrument, Scan-A-Line gauges. The laser sensor support beam can be made to fit between the existing Scan-A-Line legs.
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Metrotom Finds Hidden Defects
Exact Metrology is leasing the Zeiss Metrotom 1 CT scanner. The Metrotom 1 allows users to measure and inspect hidden defects and internal structures that can’t be detected with tactile measuring systems.
The CT system offers several advantages, including easy handling, precise measurements, small footprint and fast return on investment. Installation is a simple process with very little training required. With the ability to measure and evaluate complete parts, accurate nominal/actual comparisons, dimensional checks and wall thickness analysis can be performed. 
The compact CT system fits into any metrology lab, allowing users to carry out in-house metrology measurements and quality assurance without external measuring services. Besides low acquisition costs, the cost of ownership is also kept low thanks to system components.  Zeiss Metrotom 1 requires maintenance just once a year. 
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LK Offers CNC Coordinate Measuring
Manufacturers interested in progressing from manual metrology to using a CNC coordinate measuring machine have a new option to consider – the new ALTO 6.5.5 from CMM manufacturer LK Metrology. Appealing to the entry point of the CMM  market, the machine has guideways made from aluminum, lowering the capital cost compared with making those components from ceramic, as is the case with most LK CMMs. 
The CMM is of half-gantry design, which improves accuracy by shortening on one side the leg supporting the bridge. Additionally, the fixed aperture created beneath the short leg facilitates  easier loading and unloading of components from that side of the machine. 
Micro-machining of the aluminum elements by fly-cutting them in an unclamped condition eliminates distortion that might occur on releasing conventional workholding fixtures after milling. All of the aluminum parts are hard anodized before assembly of the CMM, creating a 50 µm thick layer that imparts extreme durability and prevents corrosion.
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