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VORTEQ Coats Steel, Aluminum
Since 1982, VORTEQ has been a trusted American source for quality coil coated steel and aluminum. The company operates eight facilities strategically located near Milwaukee, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Memphis, Los Angeles and Mexico City. 
VORTEQ differentiates itself by offering a broad range of aluminum and steel coil coating services to the industry, across 10 distinctly different coating lines. VORTEQ works with customers in diverse markets to offer industry-specific services, including wide and narrow coil coating, printing, slitting and embossing for a wide range of building products, transportation, automotive, signage and lighting end markets. 
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Compare Colors With Steelscape
Steelscape’s new Color & Design Center offers a product comparison tool that provides all the functionality needed to find an ideal metal roofing or siding color for the next project. This new central design hub provides architects, engineers, contractors and designers an easy-to-navigate platform to browse and compare Steelscape products.
The new product browsing functionality enables users to search and filter Steelscape’s product library, simplifying the product selection process. The platform provides product performance information and product downloads for every color, solar reflectance information, warranty details, BIM models, product sheets and more.
The design center offers the capability to create custom submittal packages. Simply select a metal color or finish, add in project details, and identify the project resources you need. The design center does the rest, sending a complete downloadable file direct to your inbox.
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AkzoNobel’s Roofs Well Weathered
The rising popularity of metal roofing in North America shows no sign of slowing down, fueled by growth in commercial, residential and industrial construction and renovation activity.
At AkzoNobel, time and resources are invested in its testing and weathering program. For decades, the company’s metal coatings have been assessed at weathering facilities in South Florida and other locations around the world. The real-world exposure program is the largest in the industry, with over 40,000 panels in South Florida alone. Test panels are regularly reviewed to evaluate performance, increase understanding and predict how they will perform across the fullest range of weather conditions.
Take CERAM-A-STAR 1050, for example, the market-leading silicone-modified polyester coating from AkzoNobel.  CERAM-A-STAR 1050 was measured for color change and gloss retention after years of exposure, demonstrating exceptional product performance and best in class gloss and color retention, even when exposed to harsh elements like, UV, humidity, salt spray and driving rain. 
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Nozzle Creates Fine Mist
EXAIR’s Atomizing Spray Nozzles create a fine liquid mist perfect for washing, coating, cooling, dust control and more. These nozzles offer an assortment of flow rates and patterns including flat fan, round and hollow cone patterns and are highly effective with a wide range of liquids, making them a perfect tool for a variety of industries.  
Combining liquid and compressed air, atomizing nozzles create a fine atomization for superior coverage and can be easily adjusted to fit the application’s demands. EXAIR Air Atomizing Nozzles come in three distinct styles including internal mix, external mix and siphon fed. 
The stainless-steel construction of these atomizing nozzles adds to their durability and corrosion resistance. EXAIR atomizing nozzles are available in 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 NPT and also have patented No Drip models available for processes needing to conserve precious liquids or protect product finishes. 
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An Alternative to EG, HDG
FeGuard from Chemcoaters is an innovative, thin-film, corrosion-inhibiting coating specifically designed for use on hot-rolled pickled and oiled and cold-rolled steel substrates. FeGuard offers an alternative to coatings such as electrogalvanized and hot-dipped galvanized G40, with performance properties to match, Chemcoaters claims.
FeGuard’s corrosion-inhibiting package provides a clear, high-gloss finish that allows the brightness of the underlying metal to shine through, while simultaneously slowing corrosive forces that might affect the part during its useful life.
In addition to its corrosion-inhibiting attributes, FeGuard is also anti-fingerprint and is easily formable. 
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USS Doubles Galvalume Warranty
United States Steel Corporation has doubled the standard limited warranty policy for Galvalume coated coils used in nonresidential and residential building construction. The new warranties provided to U.S. Steel customers range from 40 to 60 years, a significant upgrade from the existing 20 to 25 year warranties.
U. S. Steel’s new warranty policy responds to the needs of consumers and customers, further supporting the growth of corrosion-resistant sheet steels in construction, providing builders the confidence that Galvalume-coated steel can withstand extreme weather events.  
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Nucor Coatings Offers Market Options
The Nucor Coatings Corporation offers one of the most diverse product mixes in the industry, with a wide range of gauge, width and coating options. These painted products serve the construction, HVAC, garage door, lighting and transportation segments.  
Nucor Coatings is unique among domestic coil coaters in the method that it goes to market. Customers have the option of purchasing prepainted steel as a single invoice package or toll coating.  
Nucor Coatings is centrally located in Armorel, Ark., and offers competitive freight options. With the capability of painting, slitting and embossing, Nucor Coatings can meet your prepainted steel needs, the company claims.
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