Presto Creates Platform For Easy Loading

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The P4 Roll-On Leveler with Turntable from Presto ECOA Lifts, Norton, Mass., has a platform that, when fully lowered, sits essentially flush to the floor allowing users to place or remove pallet loads with an ordinary hand pallet truck. 

It features a built-in turntable that easily rotates a full pallet load 360 degrees so workers can build or break down loads from a fixed position without the need for walking around or reaching across the pallet.

The unit’s capacity is 2,500 pounds. The 44-inch by 48-inch turntable platform accepts a variety of open bottom skid or pallet sizes. When in the fully raised position the platform height is 30 inches. 

The platform height is controlled by the operator via footswitch or hand pendant control so the load can be precisely positioned to the most comfortable height for loading and unloading. As a layer of goods is loaded or unloaded, the worker raises or lowers the platform so the next layer is at an easy to access height.

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