Roper Whitney Introduces EvoBend

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Rockford, Ill.-based Roper Whitney, a Tennsmith company, in partnership with EvoBend GmbH, has introduced EvoBend, said to be the next generation of sheet metal folding equipment, resulting in quality and flexibility in bending. Energy efficient, EvoBend also ensures safety with the help of its servo-electric safety fence technology.


EvoBend’s innovative design allows up to 300 degrees (150 degrees up, 150 degrees down) of bending freedom. This increases flexibility when folding parts and allows for more demanding profiles to be produced at a lower cost. The equipment is said to have easier and require less maintenance.

Available in the North American market are models D300, D600 and D800.

“EvoBend has re-imagined traditional sheet metal fabrication technology and delivered a truly cutting-edge product line,” said Mike Smith, one of Roper Whitney’s owners. “We are excited to be part of this effort to bring EvoBend to the United States and excited to see how our businesses can grow together.”


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