RubyLaser FLC System Offers Reduced Footprint, Energy Use

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Automation Alternatives has introduced the RubyLaser FLC Fiber Laser Cutting system, combining high-precision, fast cycle times and a new featherlight pallet system for fast load/unload.

Sporting a compact footprint, the RubyLaser FLC series uses a third of the power, as well as less gas than comparable CO2 systems. Additional cost savings are realized from much lower service costs – service intervals are half as frequent and half the cost, the company claims.

A number of design considerations were incorporated that enable operators to work both efficiently and comfortably. Cuts are placed using the guide laser and targets. With special clamps acting as hard stops as they hold the work material in place, the usable area on each sheet is maximized. The operator can run an entire sheet without stops.

The RubyLaser FLC includes powerful, user-friendly software to simplify machine operation and an automated, feather-touch pallet system. In addition, handheld controls are provided to free the operator from the console.

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