StackVision 6.14 Data Acquisition System Software

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ESC Spectrum, Austin, Texas, has released StackVision 6.14. The software is paired with the 8864 Data Controller, said to create a robust, reliable DAS solution for air compliance monitoring needs.

StackVision is specifically designed to meet the needs of air continuous monitoring compliance and keeps electric power and petroleum customers on top of compliance status and trends with a real-time set of tools and displays.

New features and updates in StackVision 6.14 include dashboards, DataLab (original client), documentation, LogBook, new client feature (QA Test Deadlines is now a report), opacity tests, ProcessNow, reports and Sorbent Trap Editor.

StackVision 6.14 can be used for new installations or as an upgrade to any test system running Version 6.0 or higher. The StackVision DAS provides customers with updated features each quarter, and customer support and compliance checks are available 24/7.  .

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