TAB Adds Conveyors to Wrapping System

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Orbital wrapper manufacturer TAB Industries LLC, Reading, Pa., has introduced powered conveyors as an option on its fully automated TAB Wrapper Tornado Perfect Storm wrapping systems. Offered in a choice of roller or chain conveyors, the powered conveyors automatically advance the pallet load into and through the wrapping ring smoothly and hands-free to support worker safety and speed the wrapping process. 

Joining the staging conveyor to the exit conveyor, the powered conveyors grip the palletized load and gently advance it as the machine wraps the load to the pallet with multiple layers of plastic film. When complete, the wrapped pallet load is discharged from the wrapping ring ready for transport or storage. 

Applying the company's wrapping technology, the Perfect Storm orbital wrapping system automatically wraps plastic film 360 degrees around and under the pallet to create a secure, unitized load with a tight wrap that stays intact during delivery, in-plant staging and on racks in storage. The automated packaging system wraps pallet loads in as little as 15 seconds per pallet load in a continuous, sensor-driven process managed by a single operator via a touch-screen PLC controller. 

The Perfect Storm with the powered conveyors is offered in 100-inch, 80-inch and 40-inch wrapping rings and in custom sizes for wrapping oversized products. 

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