TMW Introduces Next Gen EPS

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The Material Works, Red Bud, Ill., has developed the next evolution in EPS technology is here. EPS Generation 4 is a redesign of nearly every aspect of EPS technology – from slurry flow to a radically different cabinet configuration to the new EPS Scalebreaker accompanying the EPS cell. 

With Generation 4, carbon-free EPS pickling has reached  $12 per ton, TMW claims. That means the EPS cost advantage over acid pickling is even greater with Gen 4.

The advantage is magnified for steel grades that are notoriously difficult to pickle with acid, such as AHSS, silicon steel and stainless. To help understand what that cost advantage may be for a given situation, TMW has updated the EPS Cost Calculator to feature the Gen 4 Cell.

The Generation 4 EPS Cell is simpler, yet more efficient and powerful than previous models. In fact, a Gen 4 Cell uses only four slurry turbines, yet it descales at 75 percent of the rate of a Generation 3 Cell that used eight turbines.


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