Trigger Kit for Imaging Pulsed Welds

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Xiris Automation, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, has released a triggering solution to make it much easier to capture images of pulsed welding processes. Typically, when using a weld camera to acquire images of a pulsed waveform, the amount of light present in the image will vary considerably as the amperage varies and the arc flashes, making consistent processing monitoring more difficult.  Xiris’s Trigger Kit can be used to create an electrical trigger signal generated by the welding power supply and sent to a weld camera to acquire a more consistent image of the weld process.

The Xiris Camera Trigger Kit is an easy-to-integrate product that is compatible with any Xiris weld camera and can be quickly installed on any welder to provide a simple, robust setup for the user to control image timing using Xiris WeldStudio software. The software, which is provided with each weld camera, features positive- and negative-waveform edge detection, programmable delays and a Trigger Mode setup with non-weld mode so that users do not have to keep turning the Trigger Mode on or off.

Using this easy solution, various pulsed synergic and non-synergic GMAW modes can be imaged without flashing or the need to adjust camera settings. The resulting images are more stable and reliable, helping operators improve their process and quality control with better real-time analysis of the welding process.

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