TRUMPF Offers New Multigripper

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TRUMPF has introduced a new and versatile multigripper that delivers greater productivity for automated bending processes. The innovative vacuum gripper is fitted to the TRUMPF BendMaster robotic arm.

Up to 12 grippers can be positioned in this way. Using these grippers, the BendMaster can remove a workpiece from the stack, move it reliably and efficiently within the bending cell, and then place it on the stack of finished parts.

The new multigripper can be set up much more quickly than conventional vacuum grippers. Instead of a conventional gripper that must be modified for each new workpiece, all necessary adjustments for the new multigripper can be made at the system level. This reduces the time needed to set up the bending cell.

“Small-batch production runs and a shortage of skilled labor are two of the problems facing those who work with sheet metal,” explains TRUMPF Inc. Head of Smart Factory Applications and Automated Bending Franziska Maschowski. “The TRUMPF multigripper makes it economic to use automated bending processes, even for smaller batch sizes.”

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