Tube/Pipe Scratch Inspection System

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Xiris Automation Inc. has developed the WI-2200-360° Scratch Inspection System for tube and pipe manufacturing. The system is a combination of four laser triangulation sensors designed for the tube mill environment and are mounted around the tube to provide a full 360° inspection of coated and uncoated tube surfaces.  

Protective coatings on metal tubing are critical to the overall performance of precision tubing. Ensuring they are scratch-free is essential, as surface scratches can provide a leak path for fluids in mission-critical applications. High-resolution sensors and powerful software algorithms are needed to detect minuscule scratches. The WI-2200-360° Scratch Inspection System is said to provide such detection.

The system includes a very high precision vertical measurement resolution capable of detecting hairline-like surface scratches, combined with advanced defect detection software incorporating a Class 2 laser system suitable for optimal operator safety.

Xiris Automation Inc. specializes in developing optical equipment used for process and quality control across many specialty industries.

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